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The SprachBox (formerly: T-NetBox ) is an answering machine service provided by Deutsche Telekom , which can be reached on 0800-3302424. Since the SprachBox is a network-based service from Deutsche Telekom, no additional device is required for the user. Operation is via the tone dialing (DTMF) numeric keypad of a telephone .

Other network providers (e.g. city network operators, VoIP providers, cell phone providers) offer similar unified messaging systems (UM systems). Due to T-Home's market position , the SprachBox is the best-known answering machine solution.

This type of answering machine is also used in large system telephone systems in companies, clinics, hotels, etc., as it is often not possible to connect an answering machine and the installed telephone should not be expanded by an additional device.

Functions of the SprachBox

  • Recording of welcome texts that the caller hears when they reach the SprachBox.
  • Choice of different languages ​​(German / English) for the operating menu.
  • Access from third-party telephones is only possible with a self-defined PIN (4 to 10 digits), from your own telephone even without a PIN.
  • Choice between answering machine function (callers can leave a message) and announcement function (callers cannot leave a message).
  • Setting up a fax function (receipt of fax messages that can also be printed out).
  • Setting up a notification function that informs you on your own connection or on a third-party connection about newly received messages by telephone or SMS.
  • Save up to 30 messages.
  • The call number of those callers with caller ID who do not speak any text is registered and announced when the message is queried.
  • Remote access from almost any telephone connection in the world.
  • The box reports immediately, if occupied, after an adjustable reaction time between 5 and 60 seconds. The “busy” and “response time” settings can also be combined.


  • It is possible to use the SprachBox for a German T-Mobile connection. This gives you a common mailbox for landline and mobile phone. There are no connection costs for using the mailbox from the mobile phone. (The prerequisite is that the cell phone can be forwarded to 0800 numbers. Furthermore, the cell phone number must be registered with the SprachBox service free of charge.) This is no longer possible with IP connections.
  • Calling up the SprachBox from the T-Mobile connection is also free of charge, as this is done using an 0800 number (after registration above). When querying the SprachBox, you have the option of being connected to the caller. However, there are no mobile phone charges here (because the 0800 number), but the rate for connecting the SprachBox is calculated. This is no longer possible with IP connections.
  • The fax function enables the filtering of unwanted transmissions ( fax spam ).
  • When receiving a call, two or more callers can call at the same time and leave their callback request if the line is busy .
  • SprachBox offers the possibility, if the caller has set Calling Line Identification, to establish a connection to the caller when querying messages with the 7 key.
  • Since no additional device is required, there are no additional electricity costs and no space requirements.
  • The SprachBox is included free of charge in all current T-Home landline connections (but not for old T-Net connections).
  • Good acoustics compared to other answering machines.
  • SMS notification for your own connection and for the T-Mobile connection free of charge. SMS notifications to other cellular networks are priced at 0.19 euros.


  • Signaling of messages only for terminals with Message Waiting Indicator (MWI). With a standard (analog) connection from Telekom, the MWI signal is not transmitted.
  • No filtering: In contrast to a conventional answering machine, it is not always possible to let callers speak on the answering machine so that the called party can only decide to take the call on the phone while they are speaking.
  • When the fax function is set up, it cannot be used with a normal fax machine (except for delayed diversion).
  • Received voice messages cannot be permanently saved, archived or exported to another medium. However, with pure IP connections, the voice messages can be called up in T-Online's webmail access and downloaded from there as audio files.
  • At Deutsche Telekom, the voice mailbox is activated automatically every time you change tariffs.

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