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Detonators are metal capsules that contain a small amount of initial explosive . They are used to safely detonate explosives. If a detonator is connected to an explosive charge, one speaks of a blow charge or cartridge .


Construction of a detonator

Small amounts of explosive explosives are used as cargo, which can be detonated by a low thermal or mechanical load . A two-stage charge consists, for example, of a primary charge ( lead azide or earlier fatal mercury ) and a secondary charge made of tetryl or nitropenta .

The detonation of the main charge is caused by the pressure wave that is created when the initial explosive detonates in the detonator. For non-sensitive explosives, such as ANC explosives , a booster charge made of more sensitive explosives is often used to safely detonate the main charge.


Modern detonators

Detonators are detonators with an integrated electric detonator.


Strangling a detonator

Earlier detonators and electrically ignitable were firing moment detonators supplied separately and clipped together before use. Today, largely industrially manufactured detonators have prevailed and detonators are only used in a few cases, such as for blasting ice or snow fields or in the military. Here they are strangled to the fuse with a strangler in order to detonate thrown charges .


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