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St. Nicholas (2015)

St. Nicholas (Nicholas Temple) is an Orthodox church in the village of Bagayevskaya in Rostov Oblast . It belongs to the Diocese of Schachtinks and Millerowo and is located in the area of ​​the Bagayevskaya cemetery.


The Church of St. Nicholas is historically the fifth church in Bagaevskaya. At the beginning of the 18th century a wooden chapel, the wooden church of St. Nicholas, was built on the territory of the village. In 1740 the church fell into disrepair and in 1744 it was moved to a new location further away from the Don . The Don, which meanders freely there, has often changed its course in the past. The consequences were floods and the shifting of the river bed. Relocation of the church shortened its lifespan, and in 1747 Cossacks began building a new wooden temple. It existed for over 30 years. The third church was built in 1782 and consecrated on October 8, 1783. In 1805, the village south of the Don continued to develop and the church of Nikolaus Wunderwirker was consecrated on April 23, 1805 in the new settlement core. After the devastation of this church, a brick chapel was built in its place. The brick three-cross church was built in Bagayevskaya in the center of Stanichny Square in 1896. The temple was destroyed and dismantled in 1936–1939.

The modern, stone church was built in the years 2008–2009 and consecrated in the name of the saint and “miracle worker” St. Nicholas by the Archbishop of Myrliki.


St. Nicholas Temple is a single-storey building. The church consists of a barrel vault, a dome and a decorative coating of the dome. The vault supports the dome. On the dome installed a golden brown decorative coating (glawka). The two-story church towers are built on both sides of the temple.

There is a one-story red brick rectory in the temple area. The fence is a metal fence on stone posts, inside the territory there is a flower garden.

The abbot of St. Nicholas is the archpriest Mashtanov Alexander Valentinovich.

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