Stadtwerke Potsdam

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Stadtwerke Potsdam GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 2000
Seat Potsdam , Germany
management Jörn-Michael Westphal, Sophia Eltrop
Number of employees 1620 (2018)
Branch Public utility company

The Stadtwerke Potsdam GmbH (SWP) is a municipal enterprise of the city of Potsdam and among others in the fields of energy supply, water and sanitation, waste management, public transport ( ViP Potsdam ), city lighting and the operation of public baths operate.


The Stadtwerke Potsdam GmbH was founded on 6 October 2000 by decision of the Potsdam city council meeting of 31 March 1999th Under the municipal utility roof were energy supply Potsdam GmbH (EPP), the water Potsdam GmbH (WBP), the Stadtentsorgung Potsdam GmbH (STEP) and the ViP Potsdam GmbH (ViP) summarized what on 8 December 2000 in Potsdam Nikolaisaal solemnly was committed. On July 1, 2002, EVP and WBP merged to form Energie und Wasser Potsdam GmbH (EWP). In 2005 the Bäderlandschaft Potsdam GmbH (BLP) was added, in 2009 the Kommunale Fuhrparkservice Potsdam GmbH (KFP) and in 2010 the Stadtlights Potsdam GmbH (SBP). A restructuring was announced in 2016, but the larger subsidiaries should continue to operate essentially independently.


Stadtwerke Potsdam is one of the 25 largest companies in Brandenburg and, with 1,600 employees, is one of the largest employers in Potsdam. As shareholders, E.DIS has a 35% stake in Energie und Wasser Potsdam GmbH and Remondis with 49% in Stadtentsorgung Potsdam GmbH.

Around 60,000 households are supplied with district heating . To this end, Stadtwerke Potsdam operates the Potsdam-Süd thermal power station, among other things .

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