Standard Interface For Multiple Platform Link Evaluation

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Standard Interface For Multiple Platform Link Evaluation (SIMPLE) denotes a data exchange standard of NATO and is defined in Standardization Agreement ( STANAG ) 5602 .

SIMPLE protocols are a variant of the DIS standard and are used to enable military command systems , which communicate via Tactical Data Link ( Link 11 , Link 16 ), for tests via TCP / IP , e.g. B. via ISDN connections.


Radio-based tactical data links (TDL), like all radio-based telecommunications connections, have a limited range. For software and interoperability tests, however, it is necessary to network programming centers that are far apart.

In this case, the normal telecommunication devices of the TDL function chain (e.g. MIDS terminals, whose communication is limited to the direct line of sight) are replaced by corresponding SIMPLE converters that emulate the terminal behavior towards the control system, the TDL data formats in SIMPLE - Convert packets and forward them to the distant destination via TCP / IP-based data connections.