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STANAG is the abbreviation for Standardization Agreement , a standardization agreement of the NATO signatory states on the use of standardized procedures or similar equipment.

The Stanag guidelines are issued by the NATO Standardization Office (NSO).

Goal setting

The aim of a Stanag is that its ratifying NATO members observe the jointly agreed standard when introducing and purchasing certain equipment, materials or when introducing certain procedures. This is intended to achieve the most uniform equipment possible for all NATO troops in various areas.


The standardization should be brought about in clearly defined areas in order to e.g. B .:

  • facilitate communication between partners,
  • to procure certain equipment together or to exchange it with one another,
  • and to procure equipment more cheaply through larger quantities.

Stanag guidelines exist in various areas:


It was mainly the high level of standardization in the Warsaw Pact states that prompted NATO to standardize its calibers and ammunition as well.

The caliber

are typical Stanag calibers used by almost all NATO partners.

Only new NATO countries such as Poland or Lithuania , which used to belong to the Warsaw Pact , use the old Soviet calibers such as 7.62 × 39 mm and 5.45 × 39 mm .

Further examples

  • Transmission method for radio equipment so that troops from different nations can communicate with one another without any problems;
  • Data format of transmitted messages ( ADatP -3);
  • Creation of forms or diagrams;
  • Construction of defense material from the point of view of hardening against NBC weapons;
  • 40 mm thread for filters for NBC protective masks ;
  • Definition of climatic zones ;
  • the uniform behavior of units or unit leaders in certain events or operations;
  • a uniform NATO alphabet for use in radio communications;
  • uniform military load classes .


A Stanag is only binding for the states that have ratified it; for others it is only a sensible recommendation. In both cases, however, Stanags are often disregarded in favor of national political interests. The Standardization Recommendation (STANREC) was created to end this situation and to create formal legal clarity . A STANREC is only a recommendation that the signatory states do not have to adhere to. It is planned to convert STANAGs with low acceptance into STANRECs.

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