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The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation ( SPEC ) is a non-profit organization that develops benchmarks for evaluating the performance of hardware and software . The association, founded in 1988, is based in Gainesville ( Virginia ). The members are all major hardware and software manufacturers and some research organizations. Every member of a subgroup of the SPEC can influence the development of the benchmarks. The benchmarks themselves are chargeable.

With the acquisition of a license , the respective company undertakes to always publish the complete results. This ensures that not only the good results of a computer can be used for advertising purposes, but that the broadest possible cross-section is created, which also shows possible weaknesses.


Benchmark groups
group scope of application Current benchmark Expired versions
Open Systems G.
Processors SPEC CPU2017.
Published: June 2017; replaces CPU2006.
CPU2017 contains four sets of benchmarks for measuring speed and throughput for integer and floating point operations.
CPU89, CPU92, CPU95, CPU2000, CPU2006
Java - Application Server SPEC jAppServer2004 jAppServer2001, jAppServer2002
Java server including Java infrastructure SPEC JBB2005, jEnterprise2010 JBB2000
Java - Java Message Service (JMS) SPEC jms2007
Java - Java Virtual Machine SPEC JVM98
Mail server SPEC MAIL2009 MAIL2001, MAIL2008
Web server SPEC WEB2009 WEB96, WEB99, WEB99_SSL, WEB2005
File server SFS97_R1 (3.0) SFS93, SFS97 (2.0)
Infrastructure-as-a-Service SPEC Cloud IaaS 2018 Cloud IaaS 2016
high-performance G.
Supercomputers SPEC HPC2002
Graphics & Workstation Performance G.
OpenGL graphics cards SPECviewperf13

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