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The expression state of the art (adjectival state-of-the-art ; literally translated “state of the art”) describes the current state of development of a technology or a product in the English-speaking world . It largely corresponds to the German expression " state of the art ". Colloquially , it is usually used to describe a technical device (e.g. computer , stereo system ) that is state-of-the-art or at the highest level of technical development.


With the Latin expression lege artis ("according to the rules of art"), however, it is required that all actions (development, production, application) in accordance with social norms, scientific standards or legal rules and taking into account all useful knowledge and technical possibilities and under Application of personal physical and mental abilities, skills and knowledge are to be carried out so that the result (not only based on technical indicators) is state of the art.

The earliest known application of the term state of the art is said to come from the Handbook Gas Turbine (1910) by Henry Harrison Suplee , in which it says: “ In the present state of the art this is all that can be done.

The patent law term or the technology clausestate of the art ” similarly denotes the current known technical processes or devices, whereby not only the latest but all known (including historical) processes and devices together form the state of the art. Whether an invention is patentable is measured by whether it is new and inventive against the background of the entirety of the state of the art, i.e. whether it would not have been obvious to the person skilled in the art from what is known.


Audio technology

In the entertainment electronics segment , high-end refers to a separate division of audio technology, see the high-end section under stereo system . The so-called devices should be characterized by their outstanding sound quality. However, high-end does not necessarily have to be something modern here, as the term e.g. B. is also used for "resurrecting" older types of equipment (e.g. record player or tube amplifier ).

English usage

In the Anglo-American-speaking world, high-end articles are generally expensive, mid-end medium-priced and low-end cheap articles.


In medicine, the term state of the art describes the highest assumed developmental state of a certain research method or treatment (surgical technique, optimal drug therapy, etc.)


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