Stephanie Lüning

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Stephanie Lüning, Sistine Madonna after Raffael, 2017.
Stephanie Lüning, You, 2017.
Stephanie Lüning, color space I, 2010.
Stephanie Lüning, Foam Island, 2012.

Stephanie Lüning (* 1978 in Schwerin ) is a contemporary German artist.


Stephanie Lüning completed an apprenticeship as a type and graphic painter from 1995 to 1998. From 2002 to 2007 she studied theater painting at the Dresden University of Fine Arts and from 2008 to 2012 she studied art with Christian Sery and Eberhard Bosslet . From 2014 to 2016 Stephanie Lüning was a master class student with Ulrike Grossarth .


Lüning examines the genre boundaries of painting within her works, using different materials and unfamiliar media. Through their work and the resulting results, the process of creating a painting or a sculpture becomes visible. Lüning's works are process-oriented and move between total control during an experiment setup and absolute surrender to the initiated process itself. She experiments with colored foam, soap bubbles and blocks of ice, examines bodies of water for their shaping peculiarities and leaves a significant role to chance in the artistic process. In her, often temporary, works of art, colored blocks of ice melt over absorbing paper or colored foam swells over entire parking decks, leaving behind ephemeral color sculptures.

Individual groups of works in her paintings are based on photographs that she either took on site, true-color photos of original paintings or on countless photographic motifs from the Internet. Through the process of creating her paintings, these photos are abstracted and transformed.

Stephanie Lüning, collectivity painting no. IV, 2018.

With the invitation to the first European Children's Biennale - a cooperation between the National Gallery Singapore and the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden - Lüning developed the concept of the interactive COLLECTIVITY PAINTINGS. In this group of works, the artist deals with the deliberate transfer of control to the painting process itself, by asking visitors to the children's biennial to actively intervene in the creation process of the paintings and to make artistic decisions on their own.

Solo exhibitions (selection)

  • 2019: Me & the others , Gallery Gebr. Lehmann, Dresden
  • 2018: Heimspiel , Department 5th Gallery for Contemporary Art, Schwerin
  • 2018: Amorphoids , Hammond Harkins Galleries, Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • 2017: "... the answer is blowing in the wind ..." , Bruno-Paul-Haus, Hellerau , Dresden
  • 2017: Coincidence (with Johanna Rüggen), Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Dresden
  • 2017: I Dream in Color , Hammond & Harkins Galleries, Columbus
  • 2015: Colored Gallery , Schau Fenster, Berlin


  • 2018: Painting action , performance, Columbus Arts Festival at the CAC, Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • 2017: Campaign for rivers, lakes, seas and oceans: Lower Red Lake, MN, USA / Atlantic Ocean, NJ, USA / Rhine, Cologne / Atlantic Ocean, Porto, Portugal / tributary to Schaalsee, MV, Germany
  • 2016: Campaign for rivers, lakes, seas and oceans: Elbe, Dresden / Neisse, Görlitz / Oder, Wroclaw / Breslau / English Channel, England

Group exhibitions (selection)

  • 2019: POSTCARD RELOADED , European Art Association and Art Space Potsdam c / o Waschhaus
  • 2018: Textiles. A satellite exhibition in cooperation with the Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden , Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Dresden
  • 2018: Dreams & Stories. The Children's Biennale 2018 , Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden / National Gallery Singapore, Dresden
  • 2018: Heimspiel , Department 5th Gallery for Contemporary Art, Schwerin
  • 2018: Awakening and New Beginning # 1 , Altana Gallery of the TU Dresden, Dresden
  • 2017: Freimütig , Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Dresden
  • 2017: Small & Wonderful , Hammon Harkins Galleries, Columbus, Ohio
  • 2017: on the way. metamorphosis - the human stories. with Mariana Smit (USA), Eva Harut (Armenia), Senatssaal, HfBK Dresden, Dresden
  • Stephanie Lüning, 39 ° 22'50.8 "N, 74 ° 23'28.4" W, 2017.
    2017: Ostrale 2017 , Ostrale , Dresden
  • 2017: The Group , Hammond Harkins Galleries, Columbus, Ohio
  • 2017: Foam Island , Visible - Art in Public Space, Handel Festival 2017, Halle
  • 2017: Without looking! No cube. Showroom and studio for art and media, Münster
  • 2017: Metamorphosis – Part II , Stockton University, Galloway, New Jersey
  • 2017: Noyes Garage Event , AC and Osprey, Galloway, New Jersey
  • 2016: MAG Home , Red Base Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 2016: how hard can it be , Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Dresden
  • 2016: To Wroclaw / Do Wroclaw , Museum Wspolczesne, Wrocław
  • 2016: Metamorphosis – Part I , Aslamazyan Sisters Museum, Gyumri, Armenia
  • 2016: work out, curated project by Prof. Kasahara , HfBK Dresden, Dresden
  • 2016: DCA - Groupshow , Frieseneck, Dresden
  • 2015: LOT , Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden
  • 2015: My Car , HBF Schauraum, Münster

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