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Control stick of a MiG-15

The stick of the aircraft is that the lever in front of the pilot's seat , the simultaneous control of bank and pitch is used.

It is located in front of the lower abdomen and is usually held with one hand. By trimming the aircraft (see aileron and elevator ), the control stick can be brought into a force-free neutral position in straight-ahead and cornering flight .

If the control stick is mounted on the side, it is called a sidestick .


It was first installed in a flying machine by the Viennese aviation pioneer Wilhelm Kress in 1900. However, he never succeeded in flying and the invention was forgotten again. In their Wright Flyer III from 1905, the Wright brothers combined the control of the wing twist in one joystick. Robert Esnault-Pelterie had his joystick invention patented on January 22, 1907 in Paris under the number 373818.


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