Talib Shabib

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Talib Schabib (* 1934 near Babylon , † 1997 ) was an Iraqi politician . He studied mechanical engineering in Great Britain.

He was elected chairman of the Ba'ath Party in 1959 instead of Fuad ar-Rikabis . In 1963 he was involved in the overthrow of President Abd al-Karim Qasim . He then became foreign minister under the new Ahmad Hasan al-Bakr government .

After the fall of the Ba'ath government in the military coup of November 18, 1963 , he had to leave the country. After another coup in 1968 and al-Bakr's Baathists reassumed power, Shabib was offered various ambassadorial posts. In 1976 he resigned his post as ambassador to Germany and fled into exile again because of disputes over Saddam Hussein's policy. He spent the rest of his life in exile, from where he campaigned against Saddam Hussein and for a democratic Iraq.