Talon (games)

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Talon of playing cards (face down)

In card games and dominoes, a talon ( [taˈlɔ̃] ; French 'heel') is a set of cards or stones that are only brought in during the game (purchase cards, purchase stones, draw cards). Depending on the game, it is also known as a pile , stick , push , skat or tap .


Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon from 1909 describes the concept of the card game as “the cards left over after the deal, the purchase cards” . In gambling, e.g. B. Pharo , it is " the stock of cards that the banker withdraws " and in dominoes it is the buying stones. Usually the talon is located as a pile of face-down cards or stones in the middle of the table. In other games, however, there are also very different variants, for example in Königruf . Talons on playing cards can be face up ( face up) or face down .

Individual evidence

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