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The thaw is a paper that is very tough. Alternatively, the rope is also used, but in the print shop it means the rope bow .

Origin of name

Ropes got its name from the raw material that was primarily used at the time - used ropes made of sisal and jute. In finer grades (writing paper), ropes are also called manila. Thawing is a paper that is applied about one and a half times with very long fibers, a sharp satin finish and a quarter size . Usually it is light brown to yellowish, less often bleached or intensely colored. Thawing can absorb large amounts of water without becoming wavy. The manufacture of thaw paper is a special process that only a few paper mills worldwide have mastered. The pulp is cooked and pretreated to achieve maximum hardness and burst strength . The foldability is relatively high. Thawing is often confused with soda kraft paper in the trade , but the properties are much better adjusted with thawing. Kraft paper is primarily optimized for use as cover paper, while rope is used as pressure-resistant paper.


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