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Technobabble (also Technobabbel in German ) is a made-up word made up of the words Technologie (eng. Technology ) and Babble (eng. Babble ). This word is usually used to describe the attempt in many science fiction films and series to explain futuristic or unrealistic processes ( e.g. beaming ) using a series of technologically sound expressions that are supposed to make the viewer suspect the existence of a scientific basis. It does not actually have to be scientifically meaningful, but merely serve for immersion .

Occasionally, however, this word also describes technical discussions between technically experienced people (also called nerds ), which sometimes sound like gibberish to outsiders .

Phlebotenum is an ironic made-up word created by Buffy inventor Joss Whedon . It stands for explanations given in the series on the basis of magical foundations and is therefore the equivalent of the technobabble of science fiction series in the fantasy series Buffy - Under the Spell of Demons and Angel - Hunter of Darkness .