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Example: The state of Goa is divided into two districts with twelve talukas

A Tehsil (also tahsil or tahasil , in some areas also taluka , taluk or taluq , in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana mandal ) is an administrative unit in Pakistan and India . In both countries, the Tehsils are under the level of districts . You have both tax and administrative powers. They are the highest authority for questions of real estate .


In Pakistan the term tehsil is mostly used. However, in Sindh Province this level of administration is called taluka . The Tehsils or Talukas are each divided into Union Councils .


The term tehsil is mainly used in northern India, for example in the states of Uttar Pradesh , Uttarakhand , Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh , while the term taluka is used in the south, e.g. Used in Goa , Maharashtra , Kerala , Tamil Nadu and Karnataka . Mandal is the official name in Andhra Pradesh . However, all three names are synonymous.

The tasks of the Tehsils always relate to the administration of the property. Depending on the state and / or district , however, additional tasks such as tax administration may be added, depending on whether the Tehsil administration was merged with that of the block or the subdivision .

The head of a tehsil is called tehsildar , and that of a taluk is called talukdar .

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