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Tekumel is a fantasy world that has been developed by MAR Barker , a US professor of linguistics , since the 1970s . Since then, it has served as a game world for several pen & paper role-playing games .

Tekumel is based on Indian, Middle Eastern, Egyptian and Central American instead of the usual European mythology. Huge empires at the technological level of the Middle Ages compete with one another by means of magic, large standing armies and ancient devices. Barker himself saw the creation of the fantasy world as a linguistic exercise, as he constructed his own language, the Tsolyáni, a mixture of Urdu , Pashtu and Mayathan .

The first Tekumel role-playing game was released in 1975 by TSR under the title The Empire of The Petal Throne . More games followed later. a. by Gamescience , Theater of the Mind , Imperium Publishing Company, and Tekumel Games . There is currently a version of Guardians of Order based on a variant of the Tri-Stat system . There is currently no German translation.

The world is the basis of several of Barker's novels. The first, The Man of Gold , came out in 1984.

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