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The COD's was an American soul trio from Chicago founded in 1965 by Larry Brownlee, Carl Washington and Robert Lewis.

Band history

The group released the song Michael the Lover, written by Brownlee, on Kellmac Records in October 1965 . Ruby Stackhouse can be heard as a background singer on the recording. Due to the lively airplay on various soul radio stations, the single became a hit and at the end of the year it was placed in the Billboard R&B (5th place) and pop charts (41st place). In 1966 the song was covered by the Memphis, Tennessee soul band The Mad Lads . Also, The Jackson Five took their own version of Michael on, but by their record company Motown was discarded.

The COD's second single, I'm a Good Guy , was released in March 1966, but it went largely unnoticed. The following publication in 1966 I'm Looking Out for Me / I'll Come Running Back to You was released by Kellmac twice with different catalog numbers, but that did not help because it was not a success. Also She's Fire / It Must Be Love and Coming Back Girl could the success of Michael not repeat. As a result, the band and record company separated in 1967 and The COD's disbanded.

Brownlee then joined The Lost Generation as a singer and songwriter . Among other things, he is the author of the hit The Sly, Slick, and the Wicked (1970). When this band broke up after disagreements with their record company, Brunswick Records, Brownlee revived The COD's. In 1976 the single Gimme Your Love was released by Magic Touch Records, but it flopped. As a result, Brownlee sang for the soul band Mystique of the former Impressions singer Ralph Johnson. For example, he wrote the hit Mellow, Mellow Right On for Lowrell (1979), but didn't notice the success of this song because he suddenly died in 1978. The COD's final end was sealed with his death.



year Title
music label
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placements
(Year, title, music label , placements, weeks, awards, notes)
1965 Michael
Kellmac 1003
US41 (12 weeks)
R&B5 (10 weeks)
First published: October 1965
Writer: Larry Brownlee
Producer: Leon Singleton

more publishments

  • 1966: I'm a Good Guy / Pretty Baby (released March)
  • 1966: I'm Looking Out for Me / I'll Come Running Back to You
  • 1966: She's Fire / It Must Be Love
  • 1967: Coming Back Girl / It Must Be Love
  • 1976: Gimme Your Love


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