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The Champs, 1958
The Champs, 1958
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  DE 16 06/14/1958 (5 weeks)
  UK 5 04/10/1958 (9 weeks)
  US 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link 02/22/1958 (19 weeks)
El Rancho Rock
  US 30th 05/24/1958 (10 weeks)
Chariot skirt
  US 59 08/09/1958 (7 weeks)
  US 94 08/09/1958 (1 week)
Too Much Tequila
  DE 20th 05/01/1960 (3 weeks)
  UK 49 03/23/1960 (1 week)
  US 30th January 18, 1960 (11 weeks)
Tequila twist
  US 99 02/03/1962 (1 week)
Limbo rock
  US 40 05/26/1962 (13 weeks)
Limbo dance
  US 97 10/20/1962 (1 week)
Tequila (1987)
  UK 82 10/03/1987 (6 weeks)

The Champs were an American rock band that formed in California in the mid-1950s .


In 1957, the group of changing studio musicians around guitarist Dave Burgess got their first record deal. In 1958 she had her debut single , the instrumental title Tequila , a worldwide million seller , which took first place in the charts in America for five weeks and was the first hit in popular music to receive a Grammy (for the best rhythm and blues record of Year ).

This song was written by Danny Flores (under the pseudonym Chuck Rio), the saxophonist of the band, who also shouts the distinctive exclamation “Tequila!” In the piece. The second track El Rancho Rock only came in at number 30 and Flores decided to continue as a soloist. For him came Jimmy Seals, who brought Dash Crofts with him as a drummer.

The big hits for the Champs after 1958 did not materialize and the group broke up in 1966, but Seals & Crofts stayed together and from 1970 onwards they formed a highly successful soft rock duo with songs like Summer Breeze (1972), Diamond Girl (1973) and Get Closer (1976) had top ten hits in the US.

Danny Flores played tequila for more than four decades. The song kept appearing in commercials. Flores died on September 18, 2006 of complications from pneumonia.


  • Dave Burgess, lead guitar
  • Dale Norris, guitar
  • Buddy Bride, rhythm guitar
  • Danny Flores , tenor saxophone (until 1958)
  • Jimmy Seals, saxophone
  • Ben Norman, electric bass (until 1958)
  • Cliff Hils, bass
  • Bobby Morris, bass
  • Gene Alden, drums (until 1958)
  • Dash Crofts, drums

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