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The Man from STUD was a series of novels in the genre of sex pionage - erotic literature. The author was Paul W. Fairman under the pseudonym F. W. Paul .

The title of the series is based on that of the television series The Man from UNCLE , with STUD standing for Special Territories and Unique Development . This pattern was used several times by similarly oriented sex espionage series, for example in the series The Man from ORGY written by Ted Mark (i.e. Theodore Mark Gottfried)

The protagonist Bret Steele is an agent from STUD, for once not a news service, but a special department of Unlimited Insurance , a global insurance company. Carter B. Franklin, who gives Steele his orders and is upset about his expense reports, and Paradise Jones, a beautiful agent who works for Western Integrated Long Lease Insurance Nonpayment Group , another department with the appropriate acronym WILLING, appear as other characters .

From 1968 to 1971 10 titles appeared in the series:

  • 1 Sock It To Me, Zombie! (1968)
  • 2 The Solid Gold Screw (1968)
  • 3 Three For An Orgy (1968)
  • 4 The Orgy At Madame Dracula’s (1968)
  • 5 Tool Of The Trade (1969)
  • 6 Rape Is A No-No (1969)
  • 7 The Planned Parenthood Caper (1969)
  • 8 The Lay Of The Land (1969)
  • 9 The Girl With The Polka-Dot Box (1969)
  • 10 King On Queen (1971)

In 1971 a collective edition followed under the title The Man From STUD vs. The Mafia , who wrote the novels The orgy at Madame Dracula's , Sock It To Me, Zombie! and The Lay Of The Land .

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