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The thelarche ( old Gr. From thele for " nipple "; and arche for " beginning " or " origin ") is the beginning of the gradual development of the female mammary gland during puberty . More precisely, it is understood to mean the beginning of the slow and continuous development of the female breast, which usually occurs before puberty under the influence of increasing estrogen levels . This term is often not understood to be a precise point in time, but a first period of time or a first process at the beginning of a long-term development.


Begin in the economically developed countries these days in healthy and well-nourished girls who from the age of eight or nine years ovaries before the actual puberty, with increase in the Gonadotropinkonzentration in blood , slowly and continuously estrogens increased manufacture and also secrete into the blood. This increase in sex hormones then triggers the beginning of breast development as well as the beginning of maturation of the uterus and vagina . The development of female proportions and the regulation of menstrual cycles are also dependent on estrogens. On the other hand, androgens are produced in the adrenal glands of girls , which stimulate length growth and the formation of pubic hair ( pubarche ) and are later also responsible for the appearance of armpit hair and, if necessary, additional body hair .

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