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Thomas Neuer (born July 15, 1964 in Essen ) is a German Honored International Master in Correspondence Chess .

Correspondence chess

Neuer has been playing correspondence chess since 2001. From 2002 he played for the ICCF World Chess Federation . There he won the main ICCF-EM / H / 100 tournament with 5.5 points from 6 games. In the international championship tournament ICCF-EM / M / 270 he also took 1st place (9 points from 10 games).

In the ICCF-world cup WC-13-P / E13 opening group, he took 1st place with 8 points from 10 games.

His first major success was the achievement of an (International Master) IM and (Honored International Master) SIM standard in the ICCF-MN / 070 Master Standard tournament. He took 3rd place with 8.5 points from 12 games. He was able to achieve another IM norm in the ICCF-MN / 082 Masternorm tournament with 8 out of 12 games (1st place). Neuer was awarded the title of International Correspondence Chess Master by the World Correspondence Chess Federation ICCF at the 2006 Chess Congress in Dresden .

In 2008, Neuer was able to qualify for the ICCF candidate final of the World Championships with a 2nd place in the ICCF-WCCC 29 SF 18, a semifinal tournament for the World Championship. He scored 6.5 points from 11 games. In the following ICCF candidate final, he scored 6.5 points from 12 games and achieved his 2nd SIM standard. As a result, he was awarded the title of Honored International Master (SIM) at the 2010 Chess Congress in Turkey.

In the ICCF Champions League he was able to qualify for the B group with the SK Holsterhausen-Essen team. His team took 2nd place in the ICCF championsleague Q-09 group. Neuer achieved the best result on the 2nd board with 7.5 out of 10 points.

In January 2011, his Fernschach- was Elo 2456. Since then he is inactive.

Close chess

Neuer played for the chess friends Katernberg 04/32 in the NRW class until the 2018/19 season and is a passive member of the Holsterhausen eV chess club from Essen, for which he played in the 1990s. He has also worked for the chess club Dinslaken 1923 eV and the chess club Münster 32 e. V. played in the NRW-Oberliga. His highest Elo rating in close-range chess was 2112 in February 2016.


Neuer is a business graduate and works as a vocational school teacher. He is married, has two children and lives in Oberhausen . He also works as a chess trainer (at primary schools in Essen). In 2002 he self-published the book My 60 Strange Games ( ISBN 3-00-009512-8 ).

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