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top hit booklet No. 78

The top hit booklet was a 12 × 17 cm booklet containing song texts from hits and international hits, star autograph cards, and later tour dates and star lexicon. The booklets were published from 1970 to 1990 by the music publisher Hans Sikorski .


In 1949, Tempoton-Verlag Sikorski Hamburg published the brochure (30 to 35 pages) Your beautiful song - Arcadia Liederheft No. 1 , 1969 No. 92. The brochure contained texts from hits and international hits from the 1950s and 1960s. The top hit booklets that followed were published every 6 weeks from 1970 to the end of 1986, monthly from issue 1/1987 on, with an almost constant layout, but with a changing color. A total of 177 issues were published between 1970 and 1990. The top hit booklet appears for the last time in issue 1/90 .

Contents (selection)

  • From issue 30 the autograph card is in color.
  • Issue 36 (October 1974) appears with a questionnaire and a raffle. 25 Les Humphries LPs Rock 'n' Roll Party will be raffled off .
  • From issue 40 (1975) the categories Star Lexicon and Top Stars on Tour .
  • Issue 50 (June 1976) appears in gold and contains a competition; 1st prize is a day with Udo Lindenberg .
  • From issue 98 (December 23, 1981) the Top Stars on Tour section is no longer available .
  • With issue 100 (March 25, 1982) the issue receives a new lettering, a new cover design and pop chats with Rolf Zuckowski about various areas of the music industry.
  • In issue 111 (July 7, 1983) the new name of the monster family "Die Knösels" is announced.
  • From issue 119 (June 7, 1984), pop chats about the performer are told on the autograph card.
  • From issue 1/87, the issue appears monthly every 1st Wednesday, plus a redesigned cover with color photo, black and white photos inside and German translations of selected texts.


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