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International music publishers Hans Sikorski

legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1935
Seat Hamburg
management Winfried Jacobs
Branch Sheet music, phonograms, music industry services

The Sikorski Musikverlage (full name Internationale Musikverlage Hans Sikorski) are a group of formerly independent medium-sized music publishers. It was named after the publisher Hans Sikorski. Sikorski Musikverlage has been a Boosey & Hawkes GmbH brand since 2019 . Today, the music publishing group is equally committed to both entertainment and serious music.


After the publishing house mainly devoted itself to hits from the films of that time in the first few years after it was founded, modern Russian music in the broadest sense developed into an important publishing focus in the second half of the 20th century. However, the publisher also has composers from German-speaking countries as well as from many other countries under contract, whose orchestral works, chamber music, solo works, operas, ballets or musicals are partly evaluated worldwide. These evaluations include performances, (image) sound carrier recordings and radio broadcasts as well as licenses for printing, editing, advertising or film use. The traditional core of the publishing activity is still the sheet music that appears in numerous edition series. The publishing program also includes the area “Music for Children”, with the famous songwriter Rolf Zuckowski as the author.


Hans Sikorski (1899–1972) laid the foundation stone for the publishing house in 1935 with the Neue Theaterverlag in Berlin . Within a few years, the new stage and music publisher achieved considerable weight in the areas of dance and light music as well as dramatic and music-dramatic literature. The founding years were strongly influenced by the political repression of the time, which extended not only to the publishing supervision of the entrusted works and in particular to the increasingly persecuted Jewish composers and lyricists. Numerous mostly Jewish publishing house owners were forced to sell their companies by the National Socialist regime , some of which were then continued by Hans Sikorski - partly with the continued employment of the old owners abroad - and added to their catalogs in the course of the following years.

The publishers that Hans Sikorski “Aryanized” as trustee for the Cautio Treuhandgesellschaft under the umbrella of the Neue Theaterverlag from 1935 included the sales office of German playwrights and stage composers (Berlin) and the stage and music publisher founded by Josef Weinberger in Vienna in 1885 Weinberger . In 1938 the Benjamin Musikverlag (Leipzig) followed (without the help of the Cautio Treuhand ). Sikorski bought most of the music publishing complex that was created in this way and was initially managed in trust.

In the nights of bombing in 1943, the publishing houses in Berlin and Leipzig were largely destroyed. After intermediate stops in Bad Aussee and Bad Kissingen , Hans Sikorski tried a new start in Hamburg in 1946 , since the only part of the company, founded in 1795 and thus the oldest musical range, Johann August Böhme , had remained more or less intact. After imprisonment by the Allies, the denazification process and the return of the publishing license, Hans Sikorski had to return some of the “Aryanized” publishers or compensated their original owners or their heirs in the course of various restitution proceedings . Many pre-war authors stayed with the publisher or gave their works to the publisher for maintenance on their return. Kurt Schwabach joined the publishing house after returning from exile in 1949.

In the following decades the publishing repertoire was steadily expanded. Until 2019, the publishing group was family-owned and run by family members.

In June 2019 the publishing group was taken over by the American music company Concord Music . As a result, Sikorski and the music publisher Boosey & Hawkes are united under one roof.

Well-known composers and works from the publishing repertoire

The publishing repertoire contains (as of October 2010) works by more than 2,500 composers and includes serious music (e.g. by Dmitri Shostakovich ), German-language hits and English-language evergreens as well as music for children.

Edition series

  • “Russian Music”: The Russian Music of the 20th Century series is dedicated to Russian and Soviet music. The selection of works ranges from representatives of the late romantic style, the important masters of Soviet modernism, to representatives of the avant-garde. The series Russian piano works for children and young people is also published.
  • "Exempla nova": In this edition series for new music, more than 400 editions have been published since it was launched in 1971. Initially it was mainly young composers from northern Germany such as Peter Ruzicka , Jens-Peter Ostendorf and Ulrich Leyendecker , but later Russian modernists were also accepted.
  • "New arrangements": Arrangements of well-known classical music in new and unusual formations, e. B. Chamber orchestra arrangements of Beethoven string quartets, a cello version of Brahms ' " Double Concerto " or arrangements of famous pieces by Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Schnittke .
  • "Ars instrumentalis" / "ludus instrumentalis": Edition series for over 70 instrumental concerts (ars) as well as more than 100 chamber music works (ludus) by old masters with a focus on woodwind instruments.
  • "Pop albums": Contains scrapbooks for evergreens , a series of Super 20 with 20 top hits each and the series Melody & Rhythm with arrangements on the keyboard sector with automatic accompaniment.
  • "Top-Schlagertexthefte" : From 1970 the publisher published the series top-Schlagertexthefte with several issues a year. The series, which was sold in large numbers during their wedding, was discontinued in 1990.

Publications relevant to PR

The “Sikorski Magazin” appears four times a year with articles on current music events, authors from the house, performances and new publications. The first issue of the year is also dedicated to the birthdays and memorial days of the next year or the year after that, the spring and autumn editions deal with upcoming half-yearly events and in summer there are special issues with small essays, original soundtracks from the composers and catalog excerpts. The catalogs of works provide an overview of the biographies, works and music editions of individual composers. Numerous catalogs are available for information purposes.

Publishing connections and cooperations

  • Independent or affiliated publishing companies (each without legal forms): International music publishers Hans Sikorski with Arcona, Connelly, Musikverlag Hans Sikorski, Papageno and Tempoton Stage and music publishers Hans Sikorski with Arcadia, Beboton, Cineton, Musik für Dich Rolf Zuckowski and Neuer Theaterverlag Alexis, Araldoton , Edition Esplanade, Goldy, MOP
  • Cooperations with other publishing houses: There are cooperations with various large publishing houses worldwide, B. Boosey & Hawkes (London), G. Schirmer (New York), Ricordi (Milan), Zen-On (Tokyo), Le Chant du Monde (Paris), National Music Publishers (Moscow), PWM (Kraków), Universal Edition (Vienna), People's Publishing House (Beijing).
  • Administrated catalogs: The international music publishers Hans Sikorski administrate Edition Wilhelm Hansen Hamburg for the Music Sales Group and therefore the publishing repertoire of the publishers Chester Music, Novello & Company (both London), G. Schirmer (New York), Edition Wilhelm Hansen (Copenhagen) , Union Musical Ediciones (Madrid).

Projects / engagement (selection)

To promote the diversity of musical life, the Sikorski music publishers support various foundations and projects: among others, “Children need music”, “ German Foundation for Music Life ”, “Canto elementar”, “netzwerk Junge Ohren”, “Tonali Grand Prix”.


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