Vivegnis Cistercian Abbey

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The Cistercian Abbey Vivegnis was 1238-1797 a monastery of Cistercian nuns in Oupeye , Province of Liège , in Belgium .


The Augustinians of the double monastery in Beaufays (today: Chaudfontaine ), south of Liège , founded in 1123 , founded their own monastery in 1235 on the left of the Meuse , north of Liège, in a wine-growing region and joined the Cistercian order in 1238 . They named their monastery on the basis of the Latin word vinea or vinetum (French: vigne , "vineyard"), from which the name Vivegnis emerged over time , which is still received as the name of the Vivegnis sub-community of the city of Oupeye. The monastery, which existed until its dissolution in 1797 and which eventually housed 12 choir members and three converse , was sold and dismantled. Archaeological excavations were carried out from 1959 to 1960, the results of which are now overbuilt. There are no residues. Only the street name Rue de l'Abbaye bears witness to the former abbey.


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