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Teasing comb in "master" design

A hairstyle comb (also: needle style comb or hairstyle comb with needle handle ) is a special form of comb that can be used to give the hairstyle additional volume. The technique is known as teasing . By means of the combing comb, individual parts of the hair can be given more fullness at the end of the hairdressing process. For this purpose, strands are separated from the rest of the hair with the long metal end of the comb and roughened with the teeth of different lengths from the tip of the hair towards the roots of the hair . Hair combs can be made of wood, plastic, stainless steel or (mostly) combinations thereof. Professionals often use a nylon needle comb with rounded tips to minimize split ends on the treated hair. So-called master hairdressing combs have five shorter stainless steel needles instead of the long comb handle.

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