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Carrying chair on the fold-out loading ramp of a KTW
In the picture (from left to right): carrying chair, additional chair, stretcher

A carrier chair or chair is an aid in the rescue service and ambulance transport to transport patients who are unable to walk. You are either unable to walk yourself, or only able to walk to a limited extent, or you cannot walk long and impassable stretches (stairs), and sometimes the patient does not want to be transported lying down.

Differences between RTW and KTW

The carrier chairs used in the ambulance ( KTW for short ) are anchored in the vehicle and have appropriate restraint systems ( seat belts ) in order to serve as full seats during the journey, which makes repositioning before and after the actual journey time unnecessary. It is owed to different manufacturers and model types that all variants are available, from foldable to swiveling handles or completely collapsible chairs, and that the individual models differ mainly in weight.
In the ambulance ( RTW for short ), patient seats are often not provided in the vehicle for reasons of space, so that the patient has to be transported lying on the stretcher . In order to make it easier to transport to the vehicle, e.g. through narrow staircases, a folding chair (sometimes called an evacuation chair ) is used, which, depending on the equipment, has treadmills and thus avoids unnecessary carrying of the patient.


  • There are stretchers and scoop stretchers which, thanks to their design, can be converted into an additional chair. Conversely, it is possible with some armchairs to create a makeshift bed by folding down the backrest.
  • In earlier times the term lounger was also used for sedan chairs.

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