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Trailer stands for:

  • Trailer , a preview of a film, a computer game or something similar
  • Trailer (television broadcast) , a former television broadcast on Austrian radio with Frank Hoffmann, with trailers for mostly current cinema films
  • Boottrailer , a trailer for transporting boats
  • a caravan common in the USA, which often also serves as a permanent home, see mobile home
  • a semi-trailer as a trailer that shifts part of its weight to the axles of a tractor unit, to which it is connected via the fifth wheel and king pin
  • a special form of a bicycle trailer for pedaling, see bicycle trailer # child trailer
  • the final part of a data protocol, see protocol element
  • Trailer (monthly magazine) , monthly magazine for culture in the Ruhr area

Trailer is the family name of the following people:

  • Rex Trailer (1928–2013), American actor, singer and television producer

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