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A transaminase inhibitor (synonymous aminotransferase inhibitor ) is an inhibitor of aminotransferases .


Examples of transaminase inhibitors are the GABA transaminase inhibitor vigabatrin , γ-acetylene-GABA, ethanolamine-O-sulfate, aminoxyacetic acid, gabaculin and valproic acid , which is used in the treatment of epilepsy , bipolar disorders and migraines . The transaminase inhibitor 4- (4-fluorophenoxy) benzaldehyde semicarbazone (C0102862, V102862) serves as a lead structure in the development of anticonvulsants due to its effect as a sodium channel inhibitor and GABA transaminase inhibitor .

The main vector of malaria , Anopheles gambiae , has an atypical transaminase ( 3-hydroxy- kynurenine transaminase ), the selective inhibition of which is being investigated for use in insecticides or as a result to interrupt the chain of malaria infections .

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