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Tuna (in German about "Damals") is an Estonian journal for historical science and culture.

Frequency of publication and special issues

The opening number appeared at the end of 1998 and was the only issue of this year. Since the second year of 1999, four issues have been published every year. Twice there was a Russian-language special issue for which a few selected articles had been translated, and once there was an English-language edition.

Issue 2/2017 was the 75th issue, which the editor highlighted in an editorial.

Content characterization

The magazine is an edition of the Association of Estonian Archives and sees itself deliberately as a magazine for historical culture, which means that “archive materials (documents, letters, memories), strictly scientific analyzes from archive theory to historical-philosophical considerations, as well as discussions and popular as well as alternative treatises ”.

Each issue of the journal begins with an essay, followed by four more or less fixed sections:

  • Historical treatises (i.e. scientific research)
  • A documentary or archive section in which annotated publications of historical material are made
  • Review part
  • Varia (miscommunication or personalia)

Editor-in-chief has been Ott Raun since it was founded , who is supported and advised by an international editorial board with members from Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and the United States.

Web links


  • Tuna bibliograafia 1998-2004. Tallinn 2005. 39 pp.
  • Tuna bibliograafia 1998-2010. Tallinn 2011. 104 pp.

Single receipts

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