Submersible turbo pump

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Submersible turbine pump (TTP) for use by fire departments and similar organizations. The blue coupling on the side is the input for the motive water flow, the blue coupling in the middle of the TTP is the output for the motive water flow. This is also marked by arrows at the connections. The hose for the medium to be conveyed is connected to the red coupling.

The submersible turbo pump or submersible turbine pump ( TTP ) is a submersible pump that is primarily used by disaster control units. It serves as an aid for pumping water when the normal vehicle suction pump is no longer supplied with water due to an excessive height difference in the suction section. Depending on the driving fire pump , delivery heights of up to 30 meters are possible.


Another pump is necessary for its operation: In use it is supplied with the centrifugal pump of a water-carrying fire engine from its tank. The water drives a turbine, which drives the actual centrifugal pump for pumping water via a shaft , after which it flows back into the tank of the fire engine. This cycle is known as the motive water flow. In contrast to the water jet pump, this creates two separate water circuits so that the fire engine's tank does not empty. The submersible turbo pump is primarily intended to be used to supply drinking water, but it can also be used to pump dirty water, for example in the event of a flood . It is also suitable for deep suction .

When operated with a tanker, the TTP has the disadvantage that the water heats up due to the mechanical friction on the pump or shaft and is returned to the tank. There the cycle closes and the water in the tank is also heated. The heating of the tank water depends on the total amount, so that a small tank heats up relatively quickly. Therefore, when the TTP is started, "new" or cold water is always added or exchanged over the tank operation.

The main advantage over electric submersible pumps is that electrical energy can be dispensed with. The main advantage over water jet pumps is the separation of waste water / motive water and the much higher delivery rate.

The nominal delivery rate for a commonly used submersible turbo pump can be read off from the designation TTP 8/1/8 in sequence: nominal delivery rate 800 liters per minute, nominal delivery pressure 1 bar, motive water pressure 8 bar.

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