Type 1130 CIWS

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Type 1130 CIWS
General Information
Military designation: H / PJ14 or H / PJ11
Weapon Category: Close-range defense system
Technical specifications
Caliber :

30 mm

Cadence : 10,000 rounds / min
Sighting device : Optical

The Type 1130 is a ship-based Chinese close-range anti-aircraft defense system in 30 mm caliber. It is a further development of the Type 730 CIWS , but with 11 instead of 7 tubes.


The core of the Type 1130 system is the 30 mm Gatling cannon . This provides a very high cadence of up to 10,000 bullets per minute. The cannon fires either high explosive (HE) or fragmentation projectiles (HE-FRAG).

The electronics consist of a radar on the top left of the tower, as well as a color camera, a thermal imaging camera and a laser range finder in a U-shaped bracket on the top right. The range of the radar is up to 20 kilometers for medium to large targets. After identifying the target, it can be fought from a distance of 3 kilometers. Targets can be fought that fly at speeds of up to Mach 4.


The system is used on the following types of ships, among others:

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