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Tyttla (also: Tytila, Tytilus, Tydil ) was a king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia from the Wuffinger dynasty in the 6th century .


Tyttla ascended the throne as successor to his father Wuffa . No information has been passed on about his rule. The dates of his reign also cannot be determined with certainty. While a rate of approx. 578 to approx. 593 is usually assumed, on the other hand, classifications from 578 to 599 are also used or a much earlier start of government is assumed. Tyttla was the father of Rædwald , who succeeded him as king, and of Eni , who was briefly King of East Anglias after Rædwald.

The name Tyttla is considered to be the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of the Gothic name Totila .


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predecessor Office successor
Woofah King of East Anglia
578-593 / 599