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Unity Tower (water tower) in Unity Village

The Unity Church of Christianity ( Unity for short ), not to be confused with the Unitarians , is the largest denomination of the New Spirit movement . The Church was founded by Charles Fillmore (1854-1948) and Myrtle Fillmore (1845-1931) in 1889. Its headquarters are in Unity Village in the US state of Missouri .

Over 900 parishes and groups are connected to Unity . Unity has around two million followers in over 15 different countries . The ordination of women and same-sex couples are allowed to marry in Unity Church . Unity publishes a monthly magazine called Daily Word . In Germany is published monthly Daily word that the German language version and translation of the Daily Word is. The publisher in Germany is Frick Verlag in Pforzheim, which is also the publisher of other Unity literature in German.

Definition of terms

The word "Unity" means unity and stands for the oneness between God and man. The Unity Church describes itself as "a non-denominational movement that affirms the 'spiritual unity' of man with God, the source of life, love and good" . According to its own account, Unity is based on the teaching and life of Jesus Christ .


Principles of the Unity Teachings

  • Man is a spiritual being, created according to God's concept. Let the Spirit of God live in everyone, which is why all people are naturally good.
  • "Affirmative prayer has power". Believe that prayer strengthens the connection with God.
  • Knowledge of these spiritual principles is not sufficient. Man must live it.

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