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The Vakataka were an Indian dynasty. They asserted themselves as the most important successor dynasty of the Satavahanas in the late 3rd century . She ruled what is now Maharashtra until the end of the 5th century and represented a counterweight to the Gupta .

The founder of the dynasty was called Vindhyashakti (ruled approx. 248–284), which was also the name of the goddess of the Vindhyagebirge . He was a Brahmin and probably came from there.

The next ruler was Pravarasena I (ruled approx. 284-344), who ruled for 60 years, formed the empire into a great power and described himself as the “all-ruler”. He was related by marriage to the Naga kings in Gangestal.

Even the great Gupta conqueror , Samadragupta (r. 335-375) seems to have avoided war with the Vakataka. It is possible that the Rudradeva in Samadragupta's victory inscription from Allahabad is identical to Pravarasena's son Rudrasena I. But it cannot have been a sustainable success for Samadragupta.

At that time the state seems to have split up at times. Rudrasena II (ruled approx. 385–390) married Prabhavatigupta, the daughter of the Gupta king Chandragupta II (ruled 375–413 / 15). When he died after a short reign, Prabhavatigupta took over the reign of her underage sons for 20 years and incorporated the state into her father's imperial union.

The third son of the Gupta daughter, Pravarasena II (ruled approx. 410-440) broke away from the guardianship of the Gupta, reorganized his state (his provincial officials bore the title "General") and left behind many inscriptions. Close relations between the two kingdoms were preserved, so that the Gupta culture also had an impact in the south.

Two generations later, Harishena, a prince from a sideline in Berar , came to power and ousted the descendants of Pravarasenas II. He ruled towards the end of the 5th century , expanded and is considered a builder in Ajanta , but afterwards the empire fell into political unrest. The early Kalachuri inheritance took over .

In contrast to the Gupta, the Vakataka did not have any coins minted and there are no known coin finds from their neighbors.

Vakataka kings

The dates usually vary.

  • Vindhyashakti (248-284)
  • Pravarasena I. (284–344), then division into four branches of the family of his sons
  • Rudrasena I. (330–355), son of Gautamiputra, grandson of Pravarasena I.
  • Prithvisena I. (355-380)
  • Rudrasena II. (385-390)
  • Prabhavatigupta, regent (390-410) for Divakarasena and Damodarasena
  • Damodarasena (Pravarasena II.) (410-440)
  • Narendrasena (440-460)
  • Prithvishena II (460-480)
  • Harishena (480-510), son of Devasena from the Vatsagulma line
  • Sarvasena (III.), Son of Harishena, overthrown by vassals