Vancouver International Film Festival

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The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) is a two-week film festival that takes place in the Canadian city ​​of Vancouver in late September / early October each year . It was first held in 1982 and is organized by the not-for-profit Greater Vancouver International Film Festival Society. Since 2005, the films have been shown in a purpose-built building, the Vancouver International Film Center.

Both Canadian and foreign films will be screened at the festival. VIFF is considered a stepping stone for young Asian filmmakers, as it shows most Asian films outside of Asia . In 2006, over 300 films from 50 countries took part in the competition, almost a quarter of them were documentaries . The audience is around 150,000.

Best-known award-winning films include Walk and Live , The Corporation , Bowling for Columbine, and The Lives of Others .

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