Association of German Women Entrepreneurs

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Association of German Women Entrepreneurs
legal form Registered association
Seat Berlin
founding 1954

place Cologne
President Jasmine Arbabian bird
Members 1,800

The Association of German Women Entrepreneurs e. V. ( VdU ) is a German trade association that represents the interests of women entrepreneurs vis-à-vis politics, business and society. The VdU is based in Berlin . Until 1991 the association was called the Association of Women Entrepreneurs ( VvU ).


The VdU was founded in 1954 by the steel entrepreneur Käte Ahlmann together with 30 other women entrepreneurs, initially as an association of women entrepreneurs (VvU) in Cologne . French women entrepreneurs who had formed their own interest group eight years earlier served as role models. This network found additional members and developed into an internationally networked business association. Getting recognition for the economic performance of women entrepreneurs and making their contribution to prosperity in Germany visible was a core goal of the VvU founders, who still lead the association to this day. In 1991 the name was changed to the Association of German Entrepreneurs. V. In the course of reunification, the commitment was also extended to the new federal states.

In addition to strengthening the acceptance, equality and public perception of women as entrepreneurs in the economy and society, the VdU also promotes the exchange of experience between women entrepreneurs and start-ups. For this purpose, members of the VdU founded the Käte Ahlmann Foundation in 2001 . The VdU has been offering women in business a platform since 1954. The personal contacts between women entrepreneurs from different industries make the association a strong network. In addition, the VdU connects the corporate interest representation and women's political lobby.

The commissions in the VdU

The commissions enable women entrepreneurs to participate in the content of central topics of the VdU.

  • VdU Economic Commission: Development of economic policy positions for the VdU
  • VdU-MINT-Commission: Strengthening the presence of women in future technologies
  • VIT - the VdU International Team: Maintaining the international network of women entrepreneurs

Organization and leadership

The VdU is a member of the world umbrella organization FCEM (Les Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales) and is therefore in cross-sector contact with women entrepreneurs from more than 60 countries. Organizationally, the VdU is divided into 16 regional associations. The members and regional association chairmen as well as the federal executive committee work on a voluntary basis.

Around 1,800 German women entrepreneurs are currently organized in the VdU. They generate sales of around 85 billion euros and employ around 500,000 people. In June 2018, the Hanoverian entrepreneur Jasmin Arbabian-Vogel was elected as the new association president.

Claudia Große-Leege is the managing director.


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