Dissemination of pornographic literature

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In the Federal Republic of Germany , the dissemination of pornographic material constitutes a criminal offense under certain circumstances; it is punished with a fine or imprisonment of up to one year according to § 184 of the Criminal Code .

The aim of the law is to ensure that pornographic writings (criminal law) , such as magazines or films , cannot get into the hands of minors without the permission of their legal guardians . It also protects adults from being exposed to unsolicited pornographic material.

Special content

According to § 184a StGB, the dissemination of violent or animal pornographic writings is punished.

Section 184b of the Criminal Code is directed against child pornography , and Section 184c of the Criminal Code against youth pornography .

Dissemination by radio, telemedia

Distribution by radio or telemedia is punishable under Section 184d (1), as is other forms of distribution.