Honored military aviator of the USSR

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Honored military aviator of
the USSR
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Band Order ( obverse )

The honorary title of Honored Military Aviator of the USSR ( Russian Заслуженный Военный Лётчик СССР ) was a state military award of the Soviet Union , which was donated in the form of a medal on a ribbon on January 26, 1965. Yuri Gagarin was among the holders of the honorary title .

Award terms

The honorary title was awarded by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR . Prerequisites were special merits as a military aviator, excellent achievements in aviation activities with excellent results in political and military training as well as in increasing combat strength and combat readiness. It was explicitly limited to pilots of the three branches of the Soviet Army. The mandatory prerequisites for a possible award were: Classification badges for pilots or flight instructors in performance class 1 and “no flight accident caused by oneself ”.

Appearance and wearing style

The silver-plated medal made of non-ferrous metal has the shape of an unequal-sided octagon, is 27 mm wide and 23 mm high. The obverse shows a gold-plated fighter plane rising to the right , the tip of the fuselage as well as the tail unit protruding over the edge of the medal. On the left above the three-line inscription Заслуженный Военный Лётчик ( German  Merited Military Aviator ) is applied. In the middle below the aircraft you can see the country code CCCP (German USSR) in front of a right-hand laurel branch. Like all state awards, the medal was worn on the left side of the chest of the uniform jacket. The medal hangs on a silver-colored, rectangular clasp that is covered with a red ribbon. An interim clasp for the medal buckle was not awarded.

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