Traffic Licensing Ordinance

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Basic data
Title: Ordinance on the admission of people and vehicles to road traffic
Abbreviation: VZV
Type: regulation
Scope: Swiss Confederation
Legal matter: regulation
legal collection (SR)
Original version from: October 27, 1976
Entry into force on: January 1, 1977
Please note the note on the applicable legal version.

The ordinance on the admission of people and vehicles to road traffic ( French Ordonnance réglant l'admission des personnes et des véhicules à la circulation routière OAC , Italian Ordinanza sull'ammissione alla circolazione di persone e veicoli OAC ), in short Verkehrszulassungsverordnung (VZV), dated October 27, 1976 is an ordinance of the Swiss Federal Council .

Based on the Road Traffic Act (SVG), this ordinance regulates the approval of vehicle drivers and vehicles for road traffic , the training and further education of vehicle drivers and the requirements for traffic experts ( Art. 1 VZV).

The Liechtenstein Traffic Licensing Ordinance (VZV) follows the Swiss Traffic Licensing Ordinance (legal alignment).

Admission of people

In Part 1 of this regulation, based on the EC directive on driving licenses, the driving license categories and the associated driving authorizations are defined. Obtaining a driver's license and the related requirements are described (age, medical requirements, etc.).

This part also defines the requirements for traffic experts who carry out driver and vehicle examinations.

Registration of vehicles

The second part deals with the vehicle registration document and license plates . Separate chapters are devoted to test vehicles and motorcycles .

This part of the ordinance does not regulate the technical requirements for vehicles or the vehicle classification, i.e. the assignment of a vehicle as a truck , passenger car , etc. This is part of the ordinance on the technical requirements for road vehicles (VTS).

Previous law

With this ordinance, Federal Council resolutions that were incorporated into the ordinance could be repealed ( Art. 153 ). These are the Federal Council resolutions

  • of May 10, 1957 on international motor vehicle traffic
    (AS 1957 415; SR 741.581),
  • of October 21, 1960 on control
    measures in road traffic (AS 1960 1182; SR 741.171),
  • of December 3, 1965 on the requirements for test and driving school
    vehicles (AS 1965 1041; SR 741.571),
  • of January 28, 1966 on motor vehicles and motor vehicle
    drivers from abroad (AS 1966 343; SR 741.582),
  • of January 10, 1967 on learning driving licenses for truck driver apprentices
    (AS 1967 42 68, 1973 948; SR 741.561),
  • of 10 November 1967 on the design of ID cards for motor vehicles and their
    drivers (AS 1967 1671; SR 741.531),
  • of February 14, 1968 on the determination of drunkenness of road
    users (AS 1968 245; SR 741.172),
  • of January 22, 1969 on
    license plates for motor vehicles from owners with diplomatic and consular privileges and immunities (AS 1969 158; SR 741.551),
  • of July 2, 1969 on driving instructors and driving schools
    (AS 1969 469 524; SR 741.572),
  • of August 27, 1969 on administrative implementation provisions for the Road Traffic Act
    (AS 1969 793, 1971 479 715, 1972 603 738, 1973 2155, 1974 57; SR 741.02) and
  • of April 28, 1971 on the minimum medical requirements for vehicle drivers and the medical examination
    (AS 1971 479; SR 741.534).

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