Shipping bag

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Mailer made of solid cardboard
A mailing bag from the former Deutsche Bundespost that can be used up to 20 times. After crossing out the address field, a new address was entered. Shipping was free.

A shipping bag is a shipping packaging for relatively flat shipping goods such as letters, brochures, catalogs, etc.

Mailing bags have the task of protecting the goods to be shipped from unauthorized access and damage. Often mailers stiffened (for example with a cardboard insert) or upholstered (for example, with an insert of bubble wrap ) to the shipping goods in transit against damage from impact, shock or bending action to protect. Mailers are usually made of paper, cardboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard or plastic film. Since 2011 there have also been mailing bags made from sugar cane bagasse. These are made exclusively from natural products and can be composted without leaving any residue.

In the past, mailers always had their closure on the short side. There are now also mailing bags that have the closure on the long side (so-called cross filling). This makes filling easier.

Closure types

The following methods of gluing the closure are common:

Open again undamaged

Advantage: The mail items can be opened and resealed for control purposes. They are recyclable to a limited extent. For some types of dispatch, such as the mailing of books , such a non-destructive opening and reclosing option is prescribed for testing purposes.

To be used once

  • Wet adhesive: Wet adhesive bags have a special rubber coating that sticks through contact with moisture. This gluing technique is particularly suitable for inserting machines .
  • Self-adhesive: A two-component glue enables the adhesive strength of self-adhesive mailing bags. This glue only sticks when it is brought together. The mailing bags can be stored for one to two years, after which the adhesive strips lose their strength. In addition, brown stains appear over the years as the adhesive migrates through the paper. With a little caution, this type of closure can also be opened and closed again afterwards.
  • Adhesive: Adhesive mailing bags are characterized by a one-sided, self-adhesive rubber coating that is protected by a silicone strip. The durability of the bond is about five years.

Special mailing bags

Special mailing bags for books, CDs, DVDs and video cassettes can be found in stores.

Environmentally friendly mailing bags

There are environmentally friendly mailing bags that are biodegradable. These are exempt from the take-back obligation of the Packaging Ordinance ( Section 6 ) by Section 16 of the Packaging Ordinance.