Vogel book publisher

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Vogel book publisher
legal form Division of the Vogel Communications Group GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1937
Seat Wurzburg , Germany
management Ingo Mahl
Number of employees 7th
Website vogel-fachbuch.de

The bird book publishing is a technical book publishing company. Until 2014, it was an independent division of the Vogel Communications Group GmbH & Co. KG, based in Würzburg. Since the beginning of 2015, the book program has been assigned to the publishing areas with a focus on industry and automotive. The Vogel Buchverlag brand was thus discontinued and the program has since been summarized under Vogel Fachbücher .


The focus of Vogel Buchverlag's range is media for vocational training and further education. In addition to specialist books - also as e-books - electronic media such as CD ROM learning programs, apps and online offers are provided.

The book portfolio consists largely of technical books and publications for training and further education, including books such as "Master craftsman's examination in the electrical trade", "Master craftsman knowledge in the automotive trade", "Airplane technology" or the "Kamprath series" as well as the series "Study modules" , which provide basic knowledge for students at technical colleges and universities. The total circulation is more than 7.5 million copies. In addition, there are over 450 license issues in over 30 countries.

Vogel Buchverlag is also active in the area of corporate media . Company books, so-called corporate books, are offered, which are produced in cooperation with Vogel Buchverlag and, at the request of the company, are marketed and distributed via the Vogel specialist book program.


1937 can be described as the actual year of birth of the book publisher in Pößneck. For the magazine “Schuh und Leder”, which was taken over by Vogel this year, a separate series of specialist books was created in addition to specialist book sales. In addition, purchases of third-party objects took place, including u. a. a series of books from Ernst-Kamprath-Verlag, which was acquired in 1943.

The war and post-war years initially throttled the publisher's work. It was only after moving to Würzburg, which lasted until 1958, that the publishers decided to resume and expand the range of specialist books in 1960.

According to the motto “For a good specialist journal, the good specialist book”, the “Kamprath series” has now been geared towards technically oriented target groups and the program as a whole has been continuously expanded. The greatest growth of the publishing house was recorded in the 1970s. The range of topics has now been expanded to include electronics. In 1980 an accompanying book program was published for the establishment of popular technical journals on the subjects of microelectronics and computer technology. With the introduction of the organizational form of the strategic business units in 1983, the textbook area formed an independent business unit called "Vogel Buchverlag Würzburg".

The Vogel Communications Group's book program includes around 20 new publications per year and over 300 titles available for delivery. The main topics are electrical engineering, automation, electronics, process engineering, mechanical engineering, laboratories, automotive engineering, plastics and SHK. Vogel Buchverlag is represented by partners in Austria.