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In the electoral roll all persons are included is the right to vote are. It is a basis for making an election. The electoral roll can be used to check who is eligible to vote, and it can also be used to check who has already voted.

In some countries (e.g. United States , Great Britain , Ireland ), eligible voters must be entered in a register within a certain period in order to be able to vote. In Germany, Austria (referred to as the electoral register there) and Switzerland (referred to as the electoral register there) as well as almost all other European countries, on the other hand, voters are automatically entered in the electoral roll according to the data of the registration authorities.


In Germany , the electoral roll is created on a date determined in accordance with the respective electoral regulations ( Section 16 Federal Electoral Code , Section 15 European Election Code ). For Bundestag elections, the 2017 deadline has been moved from the 35th to the 42nd day before the election. Officially, it is entered in the electoral register who is entitled to vote on election day and who is registered in the municipality with their main residence. Eligible voters can view the electoral roll within a certain period, usually on the working days from the 20th to the 16th day before the election. However, it is only possible to inspect data other than personal data if possible errors in the electoral roll are made credible.

Anyone who moves to another municipality in the electoral area after the deadline for creating the electoral roll will remain in the electoral roll of the municipality of departure and will only be included in the electoral roll of the new municipality upon request. Homeless people and Germans living abroad (if they are eligible to vote) are only entered in the electoral roll if they apply in good time.

Only persons who are entered in the electoral roll or who have a ballot paper can exercise their right to vote. Aside from exceptional cases, only those registered in the electoral roll can receive a voting slip. In the case of eligible voters who have been issued a ballot paper (usually for postal voting ), a blocking notice is entered in the electoral roll.

Voter rolls are not only created in political elections. There are voter registers or electoral lists, for example, in works council elections , staff council elections or elections in large associations .


In Austria every Austrian citizen with main residence is automatically recorded in the electoral register and thus in the electoral roll . Austrians abroad and EU citizens must submit an application in order to be recorded in the electoral register and thus also included in the electoral roll.

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