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The Wanderers are an a cappella trio from Cologne .

The group was founded in December 2004 as "The Wanderers" with an international program. Since then they have been giving concerts and appearing internationally at large live and company events.

Through contacts with the Schopps family (Rumpelstilzchen, Die Rednerschule), the singers came up with the idea of participating in the Cologne carnival in the summer of 2006 . In August 2006 the quartet was accepted into the Klub Kölner Karnevalisten (KKK) and in October 2006 received a recording contract with Pavement Records, the label of the Paveier . In the same month the song Kumm Papa (Loss Mer Fiere) was produced for the CD Carnival of the Stars . With titles like Himmlisch Jeck , Ich only Alaaf , An der Bar and the ballad He jebore , they were able to record some respectable successes in the Cologne Carnival. At the 20th anniversary of Brings in the Cologne stadium, they were invited both as opening act and as guests with their song He jebore in the Brings show in front of 50,000 people.

After the group had already appeared in the regional program of the WDR during the carnival session 2006/2007 , it was shown several times in the following years on carnival programs by ZDF and RTL .


  • Sascha Breuer-Rölke: baritone / tenor (ex- Basta )
  • Steven Timmerman: baritone / tenor
  • Andreas Hardegen: Bass (Ex-Basta)

Singer and co-founder Henning "Röggelche" Schwarzhoff died on December 10th, 2009 at the age of 39 from the consequences of a heart attack. Other former members are: Eddie Leo Schruff, Kai Zupancic, Stefan "Stevie" Gabel, Deimos Virgillito, Nigel David Casey.


  • Maxi-CD: Kumm Papa (Loss mer fiere) (2007)
  • Studio album: Vocal jeck (2008)
  • Maxi-CD: At the Bar (2011)
  • Sampler: Carnival of the Stars (36), 2006
  • Sampler: Carnival of the Stars (37), 2007
  • Feature: Brings - Hay Hay Hay - Album, 2007
  • Promotional CD: Renault - My little green Twingo, 2007
  • Sampler: Carnival of the Stars (38), 2008
  • Sampler: Cologne Christmas (12), 2008
  • Sampler: Carnival of the Stars (39), 2009
  • Sampler: Viva Express (3), 2009
  • Sampler: Carnival of the Stars (40), 2010
  • Sampler: Mer stonn op de Fööss - Bläck Fööss Tribute Album, 2010
  • Sampler: Paveier und Freunde - Heilich Abend auf dem Dom, 2010
  • Sampler: Carnival of the Stars (41), 2011
  • Sampler: Kölsche Hits - Zum Fiere un Danze, 2011
  • Sampler: Kölsche Hits - Zum Schmuse un Dräume, 2011
  • Sampler: Cologne Christmas (13), 2011
  • Sampler: Viva Express - The 40 Most Beautiful Cologne Ballads, 2012
  • Sampler: PriPro 2012 - Jedem Jeck sing rude Nas - music for the motto dance, 2012

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