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The von Weitzel-Mudersbach family are a Prussian noble family originally based in Hesse.

Coat of arms of those of Weitzel-Mudersbach


The origins of the Weitzel family can be traced back to 1553. The family originally comes from Hessen and was based in Berlin at the end of the 17th century. In the 19th century they were wealthy in the Altmark and from 1858 until the loss of the Osterwein estate in 1945 they lived in East Prussia.

In 1860 the family was raised to the hereditary nobility by the Prussian King and later Emperor Wilhelm I under the name "Weitzel von Mudersbach". In the course of the 20th century, the name Weitzel was changed from Mudersbach to von Weitzel-Mudersbach.

Branches of the family still exist today.

coat of arms

This coat of arms has always been depicted as the coat of arms of the Weitzel family. A sun rune is depicted on the coat of arms. The arrowheads were later improved into it. When the family was raised to the nobility, they were not awarded the coat of arms, but only the family coat of arms, which has always been used, was confirmed as a noble coat of arms and provided with a crown.

Known family members

Individual evidence

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