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The WESA AG in 1945 in Inkwil in Switzerland Oberaargau in the canton of Bern founded and began by model trains with 13 mm gauge ago. The first locomotives and wagons had a scale of approx. 1: 110 and were operated with alternating current. From 1950 the conversion to a scale of 1: 100 and direct current to the model railroad with remote control took place. It was remarkable for the time that the WESA-Bahn was exported to over 70 countries as early as 1949.

The production and sale of the model railways lasted until 1966. In the mid-1960s, due to the newly introduced N gauge , the interest of many model railroaders slowly disappeared, which led to the cessation of production. From this year, WESA began producing small, precise parts for the electrical, clock and apparatus industries. Today, developed and WESA AG produces plastic - molded parts . All kinds From 1966 the production of WESA models was maintained by dedicated small business owners with the original tools.

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