Western Europe hurricane

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Satellite image of the storm
Storm damage in London

The Western Europe hurricane was a very strong storm, the climax of which occurred in England and northern France on the night of October 15-16, 1987. The hurricane is believed to be the heaviest storm in Britain since the Great Storm of 1703 .

The low pressure area had moved from the Bay of Biscay to France and had a core pressure of 955 hPa. The hurricane cost 29 people the lives and caused property damage amounting to 6 billion DM .

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  2. According to extreme weather: The Western Europe Hurricane (from October 16, 1987). The British Meteorological Office, the Met Office, counted 18 deaths as a direct result of the storm: October '87 Storm (PDF file; 104 kB); in addition, according to WP-en, there are 4 fatalities in France.