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Basic data

developer M Software Ltd
Current  version 3.1.2
(July 21, 2008)
operating system Windows
category Data compression
License commercially
German speaking Yes

WinRK is a commercial data compression program for Microsoft Windows . It is distributed by M Software , a New Zealand based company that consists of only one person, Malcolm Taylor.

WinRK supports its own proprietary archive format RK and also the widely used file formats ZIP , gzip , bzip2 , Tar , RAR and ISO images . The program's ZIP support is compatible with the AES encryption, which is used by the current WinZip version, and with the newer Zip64 standard. In addition to larger archive files (over 4 GiB ), this support also allows very strong encryption.

Later versions of WinRK offer a DLL -based plug-in - interface that developers are the ability to develop plugins to support its own archive formats and compression methods for WinRK.

The algorithms that WinRK uses for its own archive format RK are ROLZ (implemented for the first time in WinRK, based on LZ77 ), PPM and PWCM (a derivative of Matt Mahoney's PAQ algorithm).

Comparative tests from the years 2005 to 2009 showed WinRK to have the highest compression rate of programs in its class, but at the expense of a very long compression time. However, it lacks a freeware - unpacking (RAR for example, offers such for many systems), although it is capable of self-extracting archives create (these only run on Windows, could problems on older (non-NT) versions cause). For this reason, packing programs such as WinZIP, WinRAR and the open source program 7-Zip are enjoying greater popularity.

Command line interface

WinRK provides a simple but powerful scripting language to enable batch processing . The script can be controlled directly via the command line or by a text script file ”(from the WinRK help file ).

However, WinRK still shows a GUI window , even if it is controlled via the command line , which shows the user interface and the progress bar of the process. Many other packing programs such as PKZIP , WinZip, PowerArchiver etc. require an additional download and installation (and additional costs for WinZIP) in order to offer this functionality in addition to the graphical user interface; In addition to the Win32 GUI version, 7-Zip also offers alternative command line versions, also for many other operating systems.

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