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Basic data

Maintainer JL Roshal , Alexander Roshal
developer win.rar GmbH
Publishing year April 22, 1995
Current  version 5.91 ( desktop )
July 2020

5.91 Build 89 ( Android )
June 24, 2020

operating system Windows , macOS , FreeBSD , Linux ( Wine required for GUI), Android
programming language C ++
category Packing program
License proprietary
German speaking Yes

WinRAR is a packing program for data compression . It is one of the few programs with the natively RAR - archives create omitted because it is a proprietary concerns format.

WinRAR has been developed by WinRAR GmbH from Berlin since 1995. The majority of this is still owned by the two founders Burak Canboy and Öncül Kaya. The company Givanto owns approx. 12% of the shares in WinRAR GmbH.


WinRAR supports the following features:

  • Full support for RAR - and ZIP - archives
  • Open and unzip 7z , ARJ , LZH , CAB , tar , gzip , UUE , bz2 , JA, JAR , ISO , xz , Z
  • Multithreaded compression
  • Creation of self-extracting and split archives
  • A redundancy of the data is ensured by recovery files, allowing reconstruction of damaged archives.
  • Support of extended options of NTFS file systems and Unicode in file names
  • optional encryption of archives ( AES with 128-bit key or 256 bit from version 5).
  • RAR5 archive from WinRAR version 5.0 with larger dictionary size
    • 32-bit - 256 MB
    • 64-bit - 1 GB
    • Archives with a dictionary size of up to 1024 MB can also be extracted with the 32-bit version of WinRAR
  • Comment archives
  • In addition to the modification date for files in the archive, there is also the option for RAR archives to either display or encrypt information on the content such as the creation date or the date of the last access.
    • The time of the creation date, the modification date and the last access to the files and folders are saved to the second according to the local time of the computer.


All self-extracting executable archives for Microsoft Windows created with versions prior to 5.31 (including the WinRAR installation program) have security gaps resulting from the extension of rights . With version 5.70 the unpacking for the ACE format has been removed, as ACE is no longer developed and the .dll file contains a security hole that can compromise the entire system.


A Nagware version of WinRAR should be made a full version after a test period of 40 days by purchasing a registration key. Without this, it can still be used, but regular registration requests indicate that it is still being used, which is in and of itself illegal.

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