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As a research assistant is called in Germany employees at federal judiciary, the protection of the Constitution or in the Parliament, while academics but exercise are not purely scientific activity.

German Bundestag

In the German Bundestag (and also in some state parliaments, for example in North Rhine-Westphalia), members of parliament who can prove that they have completed their studies are referred to as "academic staff", although they do not carry out any purely academic work in this sense. As an office manager or as a personal speaker, you are busy supporting your member of the Bundestag in all of his or her content- related work. This includes preparing speeches, writing correspondence, drafting press releases, etc. Often they are lawyers , political scientists or sociologists , but other disciplines are also represented. Employees before completing their studies, who are mostly used for content- related and organizational auxiliary work in the Bundestag office, are referred to as " student employees " without their work being related to university studies. The members of parliament work on the basis of a private employment contract with the member of the Bundestag, but are financed from federal funds from the staff budget to which they are entitled. The employment contracts are limited to the legislative period and, at the same time, to the mandate of the MP. If the latter does not run again in a new election, cannot regain his mandate or he gives up during an ongoing election period , his employees usually lose their position.

Supreme German Federal Courts, Federal Prosecutor's Office and Federal Constitutional Court

The highest courts in Germany and the Federal Prosecutor General at the Federal Court of Justice employ lawyers who do not work as judges or public prosecutors there. They are also referred to as research assistants. Your job is to prepare the material for the judges and public prosecutors. They are usually seconded to other authorities or courts for a period of three years . At the Federal Constitutional Court , each judge is allowed to select research assistants (currently four as a rule) and is responsible for their official assessment (Section 13 of the Federal Constitutional Court's rules of procedure ). In other matters, however, they are subordinate to the President of the Federal Constitutional Court or the Director of the Federal Constitutional Court.

At the Federal Court of Justice they refer to themselves as a student assistant , at the Federal Constitutional Court as the “Third Senate”.


Individual evidence

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