Heating device (kitchen device)

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A gastronomic hot plate with heat storage

A warming device (also generally French: Rechaud ) is the name given to different devices and equipment in kitchens and the range of dishes in catering facilities. They are used for the thermal processing of food after completion of preparation in order to temper or warm it until it is consumed. In everyday life they differ greatly, depending on the type of application, location and the tradition of the respective user.

A distinction is made between the following groups:

  • Heat baths (e.g. water bath , bain marie )
  • Heat table e
  • Rechaud (e.g. plate rechaud )
  • Thermal bridge
  • Food serving devices

Warming devices used to warm up dinnerware , e.g. B. Chafing dish . Similarly, cooking appliances such as different kettle for use on low temperature levels.


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